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Organizational Development Consulting

Are you interested in strengthening your team?

Are you noticing your workforce team is full of potential but your current flow isn't allowing business to flourish?


It sounds like there is an organizational issue. Through my consulting services we will identify your team's individual and collective strengths an weaknesses, create policies & procedures with your main goal as the focus, deliver workforce development trainings, and implement solutions to alleviate the workflow constrictions allowing the ultimate flow to bring forth improved internal and external relationships and functioning.


Workshops and training are a great way to expand your team’s knowledge on a specific topic and create opportunities for professional and personal growth. I provide training on several topics including, but not limited to the following:

  • Diversity and Inclusion and Cultural Sensitivity

  • Managing the effects of vicarious trauma

  • Self-Care for direct service providers and clergy staff

  • Working with patients with complex trauma

Contact me to discuss details of your training, workshop, or speaking opportunity. 

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