Couples Therapy

Looking into the eyes of the one who ignited your fire, and recognizing that the flame has now burnt out can be a very painful thing. However, exploring couples’ therapy as an option speaks of the desire and love you have for one another.

Couples therapy is a space to discover each other’s needs, desires, vulnerabilities, weaknesses and strengths. The therapeutic triad relationship is designed for couples to have a safe space to dive into the complexities of human interactions and face the effects of harmful relationship patterns.

Couples therapy can be a solid and safe support for any couple determined to work through whatever obstacles come during your life’s journey.

I offer psychotherapy services to couples who might benefit from support in any of the following areas:


Learning how to effectively communicate with each other

Premarital counseling

Building and strengthening emotional connection

Creating a more fulfilling intimate relationship with each other

Healing after miscarriage and infertility

Navigating parenthood

Planning and maintaining good standing relationship through separation or divorce

Co-parenting separately

Rebuilding trust after rupture