Individual Therapy

To begin individual therapy is to make a commitment to one’s self. Individual therapy should be a space were one can show up and be—just as they are. The therapeutic relationship should be a space with one sole purpose—to support you during your life’s journey.

You may be in a place where it seems everything that could go wrong is going wrong. Or everything is going right but you are consumed, waiting on the rug to be pulled from under you; which is getting in the way of you embracing the fullness of life and whole heartedly enjoying the good things.  

It is common for the constant juggling of the many aspects of life (e.g. career, interpersonal relationships, family dynamics, cultural and societal pressures) to leave us feeling overwhelmed and burdened. This may lead us to a state where we are seemingly stuck spinning our wheels struggling just to stay in the same place. During individual sessions, that therapeutic hour is a space where the juggling can cease for a moment and one can solely focus on the inner journey.

Many may be questioning just how psychotherapy can help them. Psychotherapy is a dedicated space and relationship designed with you in mind. Therapy can be a place where one can vent, develop skills, define and redefine themselves, learn from the past, make decisions for the present or receive support while planning for the future. Our therapeutic relationship will be led by you—your goals, your pace. This is your journey.

I offer psychotherapy services to folks who might benefit from support in any of the following areas:


Overcoming shame and guilt

Alcohol & Substance Use

LGBTQI issues

Stress management

Cultural conflicts

Work-life balance

Coping with grief and loss


Healing from trauma

Living with chronic pain

Fertility challenges


Relationship challenges

Life transitions

Building a better relationship with yourself


Even if your concern is not listed, give me a call today to see how I can support you. If I am not able to support you, I can provide you with referrals to other providers.