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Tips to navigate the Holiday Season

The seasons change, the time falls back and the country begins to brace ourselves for the swarm of holiday parties, well wishes, family get togethers and gift giving. For some the holiday season seems to energize and invigorate them, and for some… the emotion is indifferent. These tips are geared towards folks that may feel a sense of burden or cringe at the thought of thanksgiving dinner and the annual Christmas party.

#1 Give yourself grace

It is completely normal to have the response you are having. We all may have different reasons that factor into the way we feel about the holidays and whatever your reason, it is valid. Many times folks that are not racing to put the Christmas tree up or host the dinners are questioned by those around them and that can cause folks to begin to wonder “What is wrong with me?” The answer is NOTHING. You feel the way that you feel for a reason and it’s important to honor your experience.

#2 Prioritize Yourself

Society tells us “’Tis the season”, and many times this comes with the connotation that we should be selfless, thinking less of ourselves and think more of others. What a great mantra huh? The problem with this is that we tend to go to the extreme and put ourselves on the back burner to the point of neglecting and harming ourselves. I am sure you have heard a story or lived through spending money on gifts for others and finding yourself in a financial bind or worse yet, going without necessities. The goal here is to find balance with caring for, showing up, and showering gifts on loved ones with a limit. Before making time or financial commitments take some time to ask yourself “how much do I have to offer AFTER I take care of my personal responsibilities and obligations (include “me time”)?” Then after you have prioritized yourself, you know what you have to work with and prioritize the rest in order of what feels fulfilling and good for you.

#3 Give yourself permission

Sitting through the dreaded thanksgiving dinner and the annual Christmas dinner parties can bring a lot of anxiety and uneasiness. Some tips to consider as you gear up for the parties include driving yourself or plan to use ride sharing if you will be drinking. This allows you to be able to leave when you are ready instead of having to wait around for someone else to be ready to go when you may already be feeling overwhelmed. Another tip is to bring a friend or buddy up with a calming family member. This will allow you to have an outlet or a reason to step away from conversations and interactions with the larger group. If a friend is not able to come with you, see if they will be available to text or for quick calls to allow you to check in and destress.

These are just a few tips to assist with navigating the Holiday blues. Need some more support? Want to create a plan specific to you? Or are you interested in short term therapy to process family dynamics or other concerns. Fill out a consultation request.

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