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*An E-book*

Three months into his release from state prison, Mike Rhomes struggles to find his footing in society.  In his quest to change his life for the betterment of him and his loved ones, his past littered with broken relationships, betrayal, and violence is heavy on his heels. 


He finds himself questioning what his purpose in life is, wondering why he survived the brutal attack that left him nearly lifeless over ten years prior. Mike’s niece Avery, is his motivation, his hope and his life. He loves her and will do everything in his power to make her have better opportunities in life. Even if it means destroying his own life or the life of others.

Follow Mike as he deciphers who to trust, who to love, who to hate, who to forgive and when to accept defeat. Will Mike decide to stay stuck in his pride and pain that keep him from accepting genuine love and support or will he take A Seat On The Couch and evolve into the type of man he inspires to be?

A Seat on the Couch: Mike's Story (E-Book)

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