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After losing her mom at the tender age of 11, Mya Grayson would soon find out just how tough life can be without having a loving mom. By the age of 13, Mya was living on her own, running the Bay Area streets learning things about life no teenage girl should know.

It would be years before Mya walks away from her questionable lifestyle to strive to live a calmer life. No matter how far Mya ran, it seems like her past always caught up to her.

Mya finds herself in an uncomfortable work environment. Her boss constantly sexually harasses her, and it’s causing her to feel triggered. It seems like all of her pain hit her like a brick and therapy is the recommendation to ease her pain, and Mya isn’t feeling that… at all.

Will Mya allow her ego to keep her from opening up to her therapist, keeping her forever bound to her pain? Or will she willingly take A Seat On The Couch and finally learn the right way to get over her past?

A Seat On the Couch: Mya's Story

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